'We are very proud of Finley Evans, our Year 6 pupil, who is Regional Winner for the National Young Writers' Awards 2017'. Congratulations!

It's the year 3017, gaming is the most popular job, and almost everyone is a gamer. Within the gaming mayhem, one lonely hacker lives and hacks all day - gadgets, transportation, even humans. His name is Jet.

One day, whilst Jet was terrorising the world of gamers with his multi-target hacking wrist device, which creates holographic access panels into any device's mainframe, making it do whatever he desired, he was caught by local gaming administration police. He was in trouble! He'd been reported multiple times by gamers before. But this time was different because he'd hacked into the police computer system, and publicised secret information to the world. He had to escape. He called his holographic mega bike via his wrist device. It instantly appeared. He hopped onto it with immense swiftness and hastiness to escape the worst punishment ever - being banned from this world to the deleted data centre. With no time to waste, he turned the joystick, the ignition roared into life, sending a splutter of thick black smoke into the policemen's faces. He bolted to the safety of the glitch cave. Only he could survive this harsh environment of the glitches that inhabited the cave, for he was part glitch/part human. He knew the police couldn't advance onto him without a type of coding that was thought to no longer exist in this world. Surely he was safe now, right? He was wrong. As soon as the police came to the entrance, they ditched their squad of hover-cycles and dashed into the cave head on. Jet thought nothing of it; they would just get corrupted by the glitches. He was wrong. The police were prepared with special hardware photon barriers to fend off the glitches and allow them to pass through the cave without being harmed. Jet had to escape and fast! He pressed down hard on the acceleration pedal, the motor roared into action as he dashed out of the cave, into the unseen half of the world. Here he was surrounded by the new buildings. Multiple large pillars of glass, littered with screens and satellite dishes to get the best connection. Yet, he had no time to stop and admire the beautiful landscape around him; he had to escape from the police. He couldn't seem to lose them; they followed him around. Jet would have to outsmart them. He turned around, faced the police and fired out a mega hacking beam, crippling the police right where they stood, turning them into useless and un-revivable code that swirled away into the sky box. He was safe! But not for long. All the gamers would be after him now. This feat would go viral! He decided that there was only one option, to thrive with his glitch ancestors in the glitch cave. It worked! Jet was never caught due to the gamers being unable to enter, he was safe! He lived on for eternity in the glitch cave and he never left unless absolutely necessary.

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