Information about Windsor Academy Trust (WAT) can be found in the appropriate section of the website below.

Freedom of information

Tenterfields Academy Publication Scheme Sept 2016.pdf

Swimming Policy

tenterfields swimming policy 2016.pdf

RRSA Information

RRSA Information.pdf

Letting Charges

Letting Charges.pdf

Marking Policy

Marking Policy.pdf

Tenterfields School Policy For Handling Unreasonably Persistent Complaints

Tenterfields SchoolPolicyForHandlingUnreasonablyPersistent complaints 1.pdf

Prevention of extremism

prevention of extremism june.pdf

Social media policy

social media policy.pdf

Website Policy

Website Policy.pdf

SEND Information Report

SEND Information Report January 18.pdf

Behaviour discipline and anti bullying policy

behaviour discipline and anti bullying policy jan 2018 TPA.pdf

Equality Policy

Equality Policy May 2018.pdf

Medicines policy

Medicines policy 2017 8.pdf

Child ProtectionSafeguarding Policy September 2018 TPA

Child ProtectionSafeguarding Policy September 2018 TPA.pdf

First Aid policy

First Aid policy 2017 8.pdf

Wat grievance policy

wat grievancepolicy mar2018.pdf

Allegations of abuse

allegations of abuse nov 2017 wat.pdf

Wat capability policy teachers

wat capability policy teachers sept 2016.pdf

Wat accessibility policy

wat accessibility policy sept2016.pdf

WAT Esafety Policy Dec2016(RevNov2018)

WAT Esafety Policy Dec2016(RevNov2018).pdf

Wat staff code of conduct

wat staff code of conduct mar2018.pdf

Wat capability policy support staff

wat capability policy support staff sept 2016.pdf

Acceptable use policy

acceptable use policy dec2016 wat.pdf

WAT Data Protection Policy

WAT DataProtectionPolicy Dec2016 2017.pdf

WAT Personal Data Handling Policy

WAT PersonalDataHandlingPolicy Dec2016.pdf

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