Information about Windsor Academy Trust (WAT) can be found in the appropriate section of the website below.

Wat Staff Code of Conduct March 2018

wat staff code of conduct mar2018.pdf

WAT Confidential Reporting Policy October 2016

wat confidential reporting policy oct 2016.pdf

WAT Information Security and Acceptable Use Policy for staff

wat information security and acceptable use policy for staff may2018 updated.pdf

Asthma Guidance for Primary Schools Updated May 2016 1 1 2

asthma guidance for primary schools updated may 2016 1 1 2 (1).pdf

WAT Information and Records Retention Policy May 2018

wat information and records retention policy may2018.pdf

WAT Privacy Notices Parents Carers Academy May 2018

wat privacynotices parents carers academy may2018 updated2.pdf

WAT Equality Policy July 2018

wat equality policy july2018 updated.pdf

Admissions Policy Dudley

Admissionspolicy dudley[1].pdf

Marking Policy

Marking Policy.pdf

Tenterfields School Policy For Handling Unreasonably Persistent complaints

Tenterfields SchoolPolicyForHandlingUnreasonablyPersistent complaints 1.pdf

Prevention of Extremism June

prevention of extremism june.pdf

Medicines Policy 2017 8

Medicines policy 2017 8.pdf

First Aid Policy 2017 8

First Aid policy 2017 8.pdf

WAT Privacy Notices Parents Carers Academy May 2018 updated2

wat privacynotices parents carers academy may2018 updated2.pdf

WAT Personal Data Handling Policy December 2016

WAT PersonalDataHandlingPolicy Dec2016.pdf

Child Protection Safeguarding Policy September 2018 19

Child ProtectionSafeguarding Policy September 2018 19.pdf

Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy.pdf

Charging and Remissions Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf

Financial Policy

Financial Policy.pdf

Flexible Working Policy

Flexible Working Policy.pdf

Freedom of Information Policy

Freedom of Information Policy.pdf

LGPS Discretions Policy

LGPS Discretions Policy.pdf

LGPS Internal Disputes

LGPS Internal Disputes.pdf

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection.pdf

Restructure and Redundancy Policy

Restructure and Redundancy Policy.pdf

Sickness Absence Policy

Sickness Absence Policy.pdf

WAT Accessibility Policy

WAT Accessibility Policy.pdf

Allegations of Abuse WAT

Allegations of abuse WAT.pdf

WAT Appraisal Policy

WAT Appraisal policy.pdf

Capability Policy WAT

Capability Policy WAT.pdf

Data Breach Policy WAT

Data Breach Policy WAT.pdf

Data Protection Policy WAT

Data Protection Policy WAT.pdf

Disciplinary Procedure WAT

Disciplinary procedure WAT.pdf

Discretionary Leave of Absence

Discretionary Leave of Absence.pdf

Grievance Policy WAT

Grievance policy WAT.pdf

Foundation Stage Curriculum Policy 2017

Foundation Stage Curriculum Policy 17.pdf

WAT Pay Policy

WAT Pay Policy.pdf

Tenterfields Determined Admission Policy 20 / 21

tenterfields 20 21.pdf

WAT E-safety Secondary January 2019

WATEsafety Secondary January2019.pdf

Social Media Policy March 19

Socialmediapolicy March019fv.pdf

WAT Shared Parental Leave Feb2019

WAT Shared Parental Leave Feb2019.pdf

WAT Maternity and Adoption Leave Policy Feb2019

WAT Maternity and Adoption Leave Policy Feb2019.pdf

WAT Paternity Leave Feb2019

WAT Paternity Leave Feb2019.pdf

Homework Policy

Homework Policy April 2019.pdf

Behaviour, discipline and anti bullying policy June 2018 Ratified by governors June 19

Behaviour, discipline and anti bullying policy June 2018 Ratified by governors June 19.pdf

Tenterfields Healthy Break Policy

Tenterfields Healthy Break Policy.pdf

Attendance Policy 18 19

Attendance Policy 18 19 .pdf

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