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All information regarding Covid-19 will be in 'Parents Information' section on the website and in the App.

Home Learning

Please use the link to FAQ's and further information about our remote learning approach on Windsor Academy Trust website Student and Parent Guidance on remote learning.

During this period of partial school closure, we have moved to a model of remote learning

Children will have work set by their classteacher each day and this will be supplemented with live learning and pre-recorded lessons

Classteacher will inform parents via Class Dojo of the time for the live lessons.

This will remain at the same time throughout. Activities for Reception to Yr 2 will be posted on Class Dojo and any resources shared via Dojo and this area of the school website.

Google Meet will be used for the live lesson and parents will access the link via Class Dojo.

Year 3 to Year 6 will use Google Classroom for remote learning. Lessons and activities will be scheduled by the classteacher.

This is the area where we will be posting any remote learning resources additional to each year group during this period of partial school closure.

We have kept the resources from the last partial school closure in March 2020, which will be available in the Year Group area.

We cannot stress the importance of keeping brains ticking during school closure and any activities that support the remote learning set by school will only contribute to your child’s learning.

It is of course important to find time to play, have fun and enjoy family time.

Try to establish a routine for home learning and remember that we are not asking you to replicate a school day.

Find the balance between supporting the academic side of your child and the personal potential and well-being of your child.

Please read every day and don’t forget to send in any pictures of learning that is taking place at home.

Please contact your child’s class teacher if you have any questions but thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support with this.

Home Learning









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